I've always loved photography.  It's an art that can be created by almost anyone, something that can't be said of music, sculpture, painting or the like.  Best of all, it's a sort of "geek" art in that it's part technology, part human skill.  (Let's be clear -- I'm not claiming much in the way of skill; I'm just delighted at how good modern photographic technology has become!)

Furthermore, photography has a wide range of uses from the prosaic to the poetic.  Photos of friends around a bar may have nearly zero artistic value, but the memories they evoke bring a smile.  I like pictures of animals and plants because they capture the beauty and sometimes alien nature of the things around us, and in many cases give us a chance to take our time and examine closely something that normally doesn't stick around long enough for close examination.  Portraits of people are some of the hardest pictures to take but can be some of the most artistic photos possible.  Landscapes try to document the beauty of the planet and our environment.  And then there's that great photo that just captures a moment, like the time you point the camera at a cloudy vista, only to realize that you're taking a picture of the waterspout that appears to be coming in your direction!


Nearby ospreys in early 2012

Mid-February in our snowiest year

Tundra Swans, Pintails and Teals... Pea Island in January

Real Snow on the Beach -- Duck's White Boxing Day

Orcas!  I finally get to see killer whales in the wild

Birds, Butterflies, Beautyberries, Bullfrogs and More: Some 2009 Photos

Visiting the Outer Banks' Seaside Ghost Town -- Portsmouth Island

Looking through Rose (Roseate Spoonbill, that is)-Colored Glasses: some Nifty Florida Shorebirds

Bottlenose dolphins in January

Mid-Winter Wildlife at Duck: Gray Fox

A troubled touhee

Red-bellied woodpecker


Deer living in the dunes and various seabirds

Beach bats, a loon, our own chameleon and a skink


Lake Mattamuskeet, Aurora, Cotton and Herons

Traveling in Iceland September 2007

East Carolina architecture

The Deer Hunter II:  "Insights"

A side-trip outside Vegas

Article on digital SLRs "Is the 1.6x a magnification factor, or a crop factor?"