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15 May 2006: Pictures from the MR&D Forum Meeting

See your IP address; click here for an "IP reflection."

base64 converter.  Research SMTP and you'll want one too...


My brother Steve and I with a newly-constructed spud gun.

Some random pages, some of which might bring a chuckle.  Hey, when you've got brothers in California, Texas and Florida, a dad in New York, and friends around the world, it's one way to keep in touch.

Minor Programming Projects

Campaign Calculator for Risk Games.  Ever wondered what the chances of taking five territories defended by 10 armies is, when you've only got 12 armies?  Click here to find out.

3 June 2000: How long is today really?  No days are exactly 24 hours long.  Find out how long today is by clicking here.

3 June 2000:  The Equation of Time:  find out how much different a sundial in your yard would be from a watch set to show local time with this Equation of Time calculator.

6 December 2004:  Base64 converter / calculator: while researching SMTP Server, I needed a simple tool to convert text to base64 and back.  If nothing else, it provides an example of building a stand-alone VBScript Web page.  (You probably WILL get a warning about ActiveX content, but allow it, there's nothing scary there.  If you don't believe me, look at the source code on the page!)  Encode and decode base64 with this converter.  The reason that I needed this was because if you want to use SMTP's simple authentication system (something called AUTH LOGIN and AUTH=LOGIN -- they're the same but some servers don't like spaces in their commands), then it encodes your name and password in base64. 

Wildlife, Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Miscellaneous Snakes
Some local serpents.

Mark needed a car and decided to go high tech with an Insight.

Floods, cropdusters, a plague of green tree frogs, and more... (21 July 1999)

Lizards, Hummingbird Moths, Box Turtles and Strangely Colored Garter Snakes (8 September 1999)

Wildlife pix at the houses 

How to write e-mail (It's old but still mainly works :) )