Mark Minasi's Windows Tech Page:
List of Past Articles

This is a list of the articles featured in past issues of our free Windows Tech Page newsletter. 

We hope you enjoy our newsletter archive, thanks for reading!

Issue #1 December 1999

  • Configuring multiple hard drives on domain controllers

Issue #2 February 2000

  • Mastering Windows 2000 Server, Second edition ? Errata

Issue #3 March 2000

  • Understanding W2K time service manually
  • Configuring Single Instance Store (SIS) for non-RIS uses

Issue #4 April 2000

  • Overview of W2K Active Directory Migration Tool
  • Sysprep 1.1
  • Setting up up W2K pro's "secret remote control tool" (Netmeeting 3.0)
  • Kill any process with AT & Task Manager

Issue #5 May 2000

  • Explaining dynamic vs basic disks(?Should your system disk be dynamic?)
  • W2k computer names cannot be longer than 63 characters

Issue #6 July 2000

  • Keystroke that forces W2K to blue screen
  • Better HTML font control when viewing web sites with Netscape under Linux

Issue #7 September 2000

  • Feature Article: RIS Tricks: scripting, offering Service pack-ed images, rolling out servers and more
  • Dynamic DNS deregistration errors in a single-DC AD environment
  • If Outlook crashes, try SCANPST.exe

Issue #8 October 2000

  • Disabling Windows File Protection
  • Using $OEM$ features in RIS
  • Defining & changing FSMO roles

Issue #9 December 2000

  • DNS client cache & negative cache
  • When do W2K clients dynamically re-register with DNS
  • Enabling post-W2K NIC drivers with RIS

Issue #10 Jan 2001

  • Running Perl CGI scripts on a W2K IIS server
  • Installing Perl
  • Installing Perl scripts (step by step instructions)
  • TAR vs ZIP (Unix vs NT)

Issue #11 February 2001

  • Upgrading NT to W2K ( in-place versus clean and pristine)
  • Removing accessories via Control Panel in W2K

Issue #12 March 2001

  • Setting up a test AD Domain
  • Troubleshooting AD/DNS interaction
  • Kiosk mode for IE
  • Building an Ethernet loopback cable

Issue #13 April 2001

  • Enabling ?Passwords must meet complexity requirements?
  • After disabling NetBIOS, which NET commands still work
  • Configuring who can ?Log on Locally? to a DC
  • Defining & configuring ?map root? on 9x or NT clients
  • Why does my W2K box periodically dial-up the Internet?
  • How to keep an Ethernet card ?awake? on W2K
  • Understanding memory better, parity vs Error Correcting Code (ECC)

Issue #14 June 2001

  • Understanding NetBIOS domain names versus DNS-like domain names
  • Customizing NETDIAG output
  • Understanding SID History and Pruning

Issue #15 July 2001

  • What XP's NAT-Traversal does
  • How XP's Windows Product Activation works
  • System policies versus group policies in a mixed 2K/NT DC world
  • Netlogon replication behavior in mixed 2K/NT domains

Issue #16 August 2001

  • Thoughts on Code Red
  • Configuring one Web server to allow remote control of many systems
  • Allowing non-domain admins to connect to a W2k Server via TS
  • Configuring NT as a secondary DNS server in an AD environment
  • How to synchronize time in W2K using a non-Microsoft time server

Issue #17 September 2001

  • How to change a password from the command line
  • Beware of changing NTFS permissions on NT remotely from W2K
  • Configuring Outlook to NOT respond to Receipt Requests
  • Define VBS and Java Script and more, not to execute by default
  • Configuring and troubleshooting Indexing Server
  • Building and troubleshooting Web-based query pages

Issue #18 October 2001

  • Working with mirrored boot disks
  • Understanding boot.ini ARC paths
  • Creating a boot disk for EIDE & SCSI drives
  • Understanding IPsec

Issue #19 November 2001

  • How to set up XP Pro as a file server
  • Notes on XP Pro's firewall
  • Enabling XP Pro?s Remote Desktop via the Web
  • Creating a ?drop box? via FTP
  • Configuring when secondary DNS zones transfer from their master

Issue #20 December 2001

  • Configuring & troubleshooting FireWire XP/W2K
  • After joining a domain ?Fast User Switching? stops working
  • Shutting down systems from a command line and remotely
  • How to deploy an XP image via W2K RIS
  • How to script your printer installations

Issue #21 February 2002

  • If you enable XP's firewall, PING doesn't work any more
  • Where to find the MS-DOS client for MS networks
  • Understanding the basics of wireless networking
  • Securing your wireless network
  • Sharing a wireless Internet connection (D-Link 713P)

Issue #22 April 2002

  • Understanding "cable select" on EIDE drives
  • More on wireless
  • Killing XP?s pop-up balloons
  • Reader suggestion on creating MS-DOS network bootable floppies
  • How to delete undelete-able directories on hacked FTP sites

Issue #23 May 2002

  • Troubleshooting AD logon failures with DNS
  • How to stop your DCs from trying to access their floppy every five minutes
  • More on deleting undelete-able directories on hacked FTP sites
  • Configure your PDC emulator to sync time with National Institute of Standards and Technology

Issue #24 June 2002

  • Software Update Services Overview
  • Use XP?s new Netstat and Tasklist commands
  • How to log onto the Administrator account in XP workgroups
  • How many megapixels do you need for digital imaging
  • How to create VCD?s -- and why to!

Issue #25 July 2002

  • Introducing VMWare: why, how, and some tricks
  • You can't use Server 2000 as a BDC in an NT 4 domain
  • Understanding firewire and laptops (6 pins vs 4)
  • Edit local policies remotely using gpedit.msc

Issue #26 August 2002

  • Who is the Prisoner at
  • Up-rooting a "private root" DNS server created by the DNS wizard
  • Internal DNS servers don't need a forwarder
  • You may have to format your CF cards as FAT16
  • Understanding the effects of spanning tree algorithm on RIS
  • Troubleshooting binding order for multi-homed machines

Issue #27 November 2002

  • Hardening systems by disabling unnecessary services
  • Roll out SP?s via GPO?s
  • Learn the command-line tools via ntcmds.chm
  • Set your cmd prompt to always open to C:\>
  • Change AD passwords wrong and you might get locked out

Issue #28 Late November 2002

  • Deleting print jobs that stay in the queue even after printing Completely
  • Troubleshooting three printing problems
  • Editing local group policies with gpedit
  • Creating custom system policies
  • Example: forcing a blue screen on W2K or XP
  • Example: controlling the default directory in a command prompt
  • Example: setting profile logging

Issue #29 December 2002

  • Configuring IP from the command line using netsh
  • Disabling the ?Shutdown Event Tracker? ("why do you want to shut down 2003?")
  • Applying security templates remotely via EXEC.VBS
  • Troubleshooting why your Web site shows up as an IP address, not a site name
  • Avoid RIS on multi-homed systems

Issue #30 January 2003

  • Setting up DNS so AD works great:  the complete cookbook

Issue #31 March 2003

  • More on DNS: avoiding "Island DNS"
  • Finding "search AD" on 2000, XP and 2003
  • Troubleshooting NTBackup not recognizing a tape during restores
  • Fixing "IE cannot save .jpg or .gif format images"
  • Fixing Media Player when it only plays black & white
  • Convert a user's SID to their friendly name

Issue #32 Late-March 2003

  • How to reset a system's local group machine policies to "fresh out of the box"

Issue #33 April 2003

  • Disabling LM hashes and LM & NTLM authentication -- and why

Issue #34 June 2003

  • Stop Outlook & OE from blocking attachments
  • You must create separate AD backups for each DC
  • More on disabling LM & NTLM 
  • Fixing Time Synchronization Problems
  • Server 2003 book errata

Issue #35 July 2003

  • Slipstreaming SP?s into I386 is easier now
  • Securing W2K Servers to resemble 2003

Issue #36 October 2003

  • Troubleshooting SUS via BitsAdmin.exe
  • Troubleshooting RIS for PXE boot failures

Issue # 37 December 2003

  • Know how much power your laptop/desktop is using
  • Understanding null sessions/anonymous logons

Issue #38 January 2004

  • Free RAM tester from Microsoft
  • A DNS mystery:  "it works everyone but Microsoft and Yahoo..."
  • AD does not like single-part DNS names
  • Everything you ever needed to know about Software Update Service 

Issue #39 February 2004

  • Patch for ASN problems
  • FireWire 800

Issue #40 May 2004

  • Simplifying in-place upgrades using the NT4Emulator Registry setting

Issue #41 September 2004

  • XP Service Pack 2 highlights, tips and tricks

Issue #42 October 2004

  • Step by step: how to control ActiveX installs with SP2

Issue #43 November 2004

  • How to (and why to) set 15-character minimum password lengths

Issue #44 February 2005

  • Speed up your TCP stack by changing the TCPWindowSize
  • 2003's Subinacl doesn't work, download a newer one
  • Defining who can read the Security Log in 2003
  • Decoding Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) strings

Issue #45 March 2005

  • How to rename someone in AD
  • What's "discretionary" about DACLs?

Issue #46 April 2005

  • AD names part 2: renaming an Exchange 2003 mailbox
  • Correction: CN=Common Name
  • HOSTS file beats DNS cache
  • Understand how SMB Signing works

Issue #47: Late April 2005

  • AD names part 3: more on renaming Exchange mailboxes
  • Fixing your IP stack when anti-spyware apps break it
  • Understanding Log Parser, a tool you must learn

Issue #48:  July 2005

  • The Accidental DBA:  Everything You NEED To Know About MSDE
  • Installing Web Data Administrator, the Poor Man's Enterprise Manager

Issue #49: August 2005

  • Can't Get Setup To Format Your Disk? Use Recovery Console
  • Auditusr.exe: Fine-Tuned Security Logs
  • Using Security Templates? Use /generaterollback

Issue #50: September 2005

  • The Accidental DBA Part 2: Everything You Need To Know About SQL Server 2005 Express

Issue #51: October 2005

  • Server x64 won't run GPMC
  • 2003's Time Service Requires rebooting upon change
  • ISO Recorder: great free ISO/CD tool
  • Understanding Sender Policy Framework (SPF) -- so AOL gets your mail

Issue #52: November 2005

  • Using w32tm instead of NET TIME
  • More questions, answers and information about Sender Policy Framework

Issue #53: February 2006

  • Feature Article:  How To Troubleshoot Any Network Problem

Issue #54: March 2006

  • Hiding folders with SP1's "Access-Based Enumeration"

Issue #55: July 2006

  • Editorial: A Geek Goes To Redmond
  • Five interesting things about Vista that most folks don't know

Issue #56: October 2006

  • Solving the mystery of flaky DCPROMOs and group policies:  "Kerberos Token Bloat"
  • Using SP1's new DCDIAG DNS test features
  • Introducing my chml utility

Issue #57: Late October 2006

  • Vista Yes or Vista No?

Issue #58: November 2006

  • Vista Ships
  • Solving Some "Vysteries"

Issue #59: January 2007

  • BitLocker/AD Tools Ship
  • Downloading, Installing and Configuring Windows PE

Issue #60: Late January 2007

  • Using Vista Answer Files to do Hands-Off Vista Installs

Issue #61: February 2007

  • Imaging Comes to Microsoft: Working with ImageX and Windows Image Files

Issue #62: Late February 2007

  • Using and Automating Vista's Sysprep

Issue #63: July 2007

  • Vista Tips,Tricks, Problems and Solutions

Issue #64: August 2007

  • In-Depth Details on CompletePC Backup

Issue #65: September 2007

  • Secrets of Getting Hotfixes Onto Windows Image Files Quickly

Issue #66: January 2008

  • Using CompletePC Backup to perform a drive transplant
  • Hmmm... Vista's got some odd incompatibilities after all!
  • FRS or DFS-R? Solving a DFS Mystery

Issue #67: February 2008

  • A Quick Look at Your Vista SP1 Install Options
  • Understanding Vista and 2008's New TCP Windows Sizing Methods

Issue #68: March 2008

  • How Windows Knows that a File Is from the Internet: Manipulating Alternate Data Streams

Issue #69: Late March 2008

  • The DNS CLI Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know to Administer DNS from the Command Line

Issue #70: June 2008

  • Solving a Class of Vista Compatibility Issues

Issue #71: July 2008

  • Don Jones Presents "Your IT Resume in 2018"
  • You Can Sysprep More Than Three Times in Vista!

Issue #72: August 2008

  • Getting Those Monthly Hotfixes on Your Vista/2008 Images Offline Using Pkgmgr

Issue #73: August 2008

  • Should You Upgrade to Server 2008? (Part 1)

Issue #74: December 2008

  • Should You Upgrade to Server 2008? (Part 2)

Issue #75: February 2009

  • How I Saved the World from the F1MAN113 Worm

Issue #76: March 2009

  • Solving Windows' "I Only Want SIGNED Drivers!" Tantrums

Issue #77: Late March 2009

  • Two Vysteries Solved: WPD failure and A Mysterious Lockup

Issue #78: July 2009

  • Windows 7 -- To Adopt or Not to Adopt, Part 1

Issue #79: August 2009

  • Windows 7 -- To Adopt or Not to Adopt, Part 2

Issue #80: Late August 2009

  • Making Win 7 Use the Drivers that It Doesn't Think It Can Use
  • Need to Mount an ISO from Vista or Win 7 ? Even 64-Bit ? Use Virtual Clone Drive (free)

Issue #81: September 2009

  • Killer Bees (SMBs, that is) On the Way

Issue #82: November 2009

  • Block Bad Guys With R2's Nifty New DHCP MAC Address Filtering Tool

Issue #83: January 2010

  • Playing with the "God Mode" Easter Egg

Issue #84: Late January 2010

  • Tweaking WinPE and More on God Mode

Issue #85: September 2010

  • Hating IE8 a Bit Less (yes, it's out of order, it's a long story... but, with hope, a useful article!)

Issue #86: Later January 2010

  • Using R2's New AD Cmdlets, Without R2

Issue #87: February 2010

  • Getting Started With AD Queries

Issue #88: March 2010

  • Easy XP-to-Win 7 Migration with MDT, Step by Step

Issue #89: May 2010

  • Changing Windows 7's "Default User" Profile... And a Few Sysprep Tricks
  • Answer File Cleanup: How to Keep Users From Seeing Passwords in Your XML Setup Files

Issue #90: August 2010

  • Choose Your Deployment Tools Wisely!

Issue #91: September 2011

  • Windows 8 Server Preview

Issue #92: November 2011

  • Cracking the Code on Windows Search

Issue #93: Late August 2010

  • Is the Kindle 3 Worth the Upgrade? (this newsletter got lost in the shuffle and didn't have a table of contents entry, hence its out-of-order date.)

Issue #94: Late November 2011

  • Getting and Using DiG, a Great DNS Troubleshooter That Runs Rings Around NSLOOKUP

Issue #95: February 2012

  • Figuring Out How To Do Things in Powershell Quickly

Issue #96: March 2012

  • Installing Windows 8 Beta Faster with a USB Stick
  • Getting Good Files Off Bad Drives Quickly with Robocopy

Issue #97: April 2012

  • Prepping for your First 2008/2008R2 DC, Part One

Issue #98: May 2012

  • Sysvol SHAKEDOWN: Prepping for your First 2008/2008R2 DC, Part Two

Issue #99: July 2012

  • Understanding Server 2012's New Pricing

Issue #100: August 2012

  • Learning to Love (or At Least Not Hate) Server 2012's New UI

Issue #101: September 2012

  • Eight Things to Like in Server "8"

Issue #102: October 2012

  • IPConfig Reimagined: Building a Simple PowerShell Tool

Issue #103: November 2012

  • 28 Days Under the Surface: Running Windows RT on Microsoft's New Tablet

Issue #104: February 2013

  • Changing How Often Office 365 Makes You Change Your Password

Issue #105: March 2013

  • Understanding (and Maybe Killing) the ISATAP, Teredo, and 6to4 "Imaginary" NICs

Issue #106: April 2013

  • Solving the "How Do I Change My Firewall Profile in Windows 8?" Puzzle

Issue #107: Late April 2013

  • Why Does CHKDSK Want to Kill My Server?

Issue #108: May 2013

  • CHKDSK 2012: Fear CHKDSK No More!

Issue #109: May 2013

  • What, More Windows? A Look at Server 2012R2 and Windows 8.1, Part 1


Issue #109: June 2016

  • Shiny New Boots: What You Need to Know About UEFI and Secure Boot


Final Issue: June 2017

  • I'm Retiring, but...


And a few more... we'll get this finished soon!