More Wildlife (September 1999)

Time's limited, but there's been a few neat wildlife encounters.

It looked like the snakes got all the toads, but there's some medium-sized ones around now, so I guess it's The Next Generation, a wolfling generation raised without mothers.

But that yearning for maternal comfort seems universal.

"Momma, is it you?"

Speaking of those toad-eating serpents, I answered the front door the other day and found both a human and a snake.

Yet another garter snake, but an odd reddish colored one.


The garden yielded a so-called "hummingbird moth," a fascinating little insect.

Hovers like a hummingbird.  Notice the long flexible tongue that sucks up nectar.

Nice stop action on the Mavica's part, 1/2000 second.

Lizards appear now and then.  Not sure what this one is -- a skink of some kind? -- but it ran along the porch and Brenda spotted it.

A box turtle too:

Talk about your beady eyes...

Certainly not afraid to stick his neck out.

All for now, more wildlife as it appears...