Even more wildlife!

Recently the yard flooded.  South winds blew enough water from the bay to flood the road, more than 10 inches of water south of us on Muddy Creek Road.

And in response to all of the requests, I've compressed and reduced the JPGs.  The management hopes that the viewer has a satisfying experience here.  This site is certified 100 percent dolphin safe, no animals were harmed in the making of this web page.

The biggest side-effect was the resulting incursion of green tree frogs.  These little tiny things make more noise than you can imagine.

You know you've got a flood when a snowy egret is fishing in your front yard.

I was working the other day and some plane kept buzzing the house, or nearby.  Seems it's cropdusting season:

The new Mavica FD91 did a decent job at 1/1000, eh?  It's my current pic for "best digital camera overall."

The fig tree sprouted a nest and some eggs.  We hoped for a family but Mom seems to have died, as I inspected got near the nest about a half-dozen times and no bird challenged me.  A few days later, the nest was empty.  Nature red in tooth and claw...

And speaking of which, Darcee discovered a garter snake devouring one of our garden toads:

That toad is history.

It is damselfly/dragonfly weather here.  I'd expected this place to be Mosquito Central but that's not been true.  There are, however, gazillions of dragon/damselflies around -- well, and those annoying green tree frogs as well -- so perhaps that's why.

There's a tree sticking out of a creek nearby.  On a sunny day, you can sometimes see three turtles sunning themselves on it.