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Mark Minasi on Mastering Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2:

I'm happy to announce that Sybex/Wiley has just released my "upgrade" edition to Mastering Windows Server 2003.  Taking up where the April 2003 edition left off, it covers the changes brought to Server 2003 by Service Pack 1 and R2.

It's been three and some years since I wrote Mastering Windows Server 2003 with the help of my co-authors.  Since then, Microsoft released a service pack that was much more than a service pack, and a sort of "feature-plus" version of 2003 called Server 2003 R2.  (Most of the differences between the original 2003 with SP1 and 2003 R2 are things that you can download from Microsoft's site.)


I wanted to update the original Mastering book but then I remembered that many readers have asked for an "update" edition.  Instead of updating the Mastering book with new material and offering the updated book as a second edition, we decided this time to just come out with a book that only covers the changes brought by SP1 and R2.  That's how Mastering Windows Server 2003, Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2 was born.  It is available as of October 9, but Amazon takes pre-orders before that date.  (Amazon sells it for around $26.)

This book is aimed at three groups of readers:

  • If you've already got the Mastering Windows Server 2003 book and have added SP1 to your 2003 system, this book will explain many features -- yes, that's features, not just bug fixes -- that SP1 brought but have not been documented very well.
  • If you've already got the Mastering Windows Server 2003 book and upgraded to R2, this book explains the things that R2 can do that 2003 with SP1 can't, and how to use those things.
  • If you're new to 2003, then this book will get you up to speed on your 2003 or R2 installation, when used in combination with the original book.

Just to make it clear:  you needn't have R2 to get benefits from this book, as you needn't even get R2 to get about 90 percent of R2's value -- most of the R2 goodies are easily downloadable and work fine on any copy of Server 2003 with SP1.  

My co-authors and I worked hard to "squeeze all of the juice" out of SP1 and R2.  If you'd like to see some of what I'm talking about, please download this sample chapter about Windows Firewall here:

You can also see the book's outline here:

Wiley has posted the Introduction here:

If you're interested, you can order the book at Amazon by clicking this link.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.  If you purchase my new book, please let me know how you like it.  Thanks!

-- Mark

PS:  If you're just getting started in Windows Server networking, then please consider purchasing my original Mastering Windows Server 2003 book:

That'll give the top-to-bottom look at the base OS.  Then follow it up with the Upgrade Edition that I've discussed on this page.  Thanks again.