Mark Minasi's Upcoming Public Seminar Cities/Dates

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Hi!  Thinking of signing up for one of Mark Minasi's public seminars?  If you've enjoyed Mark in print, we think you'll like him even more in person — he's been teaching considerably longer than he's been writing.  To see the course outlines for our seminars, please click here.

Locations and Dates

2013 Public Seminars

Learn PowerShell: Hands-On with AD, Networking and More
December 9-10 2013 $1099/attendee

Click here for the class outline

Running at LearnIT's San Francisco location:
33 New Montgomery St #300
 San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 693-0250

  2014 Public Seminars

In 2014, we'll be offering three public classes:

  • Our comprehensive, fast-paced two-day "Using Windows Server 2012/2012R2" class ($1099/seat)
  • Our one-day "Managing and Maintaining Your Active Directory with PowerShell, Even If You Don't Know PowerShell" class ($570/seat), a one-day lecture class
  • Our two-day "Learning PowerShell: Hands-On with AD, Networking, and More," a two-day hands-on class
We'll be announcing our 2014 schedule soon, but for now we're just running one session, our two-day hands-on PowerShell class in San Francisco.  Of course, we can bring any of our sessions to your location -- just contact us at


Day 1:
Registration and continental breakfast 8-9 AM
Morning session 9-noon
Lunch break (we do not serve lunch): noon-1 PM
Afternoon session 1-5:30 PM (We need a little more time on the first day because this class is so full of information that it's either that or cut out essentials, and we don't want to do that!)

Day 2 (on two-day classes):
Continental breakfast 8-9 AM
Morning session 9-noon
Lunch break (we do not serve lunch): noon-1 PM
Afternoon session 1-5 PM

Course Materials

Everyone gets a printout of Mark's PowerPoint lecture notes so that you can minimize the time that you've got to take notes and maximize your time learning!   

Payment Options

We require payment prior to the event, please.

Attendees can pay with a check, purchase order, or credit card.  Please send payment materials to:

Suite 102
2520 Horse Pasture Road
Virginia Beach VA 23453

Or you can fax to (757) 422-1165, or email it to  But remember that we need to receive a check by the day of the class or the registration is invalid.

Our phone number is (757) 426-1431 and we're in the Eastern time zone.  Best times to call are weekdays noon - 5 PM Eastern when our assistant is in.  Or e-mail us at

Group Discount

You are welcome to a 5 percent group discount if you sign up three or more people from your organization, provided you pay by purchase order or check — sorry, but credit card sales are not available for discounts.  Please note that this only applies if all individuals can be invoiced together and pay together.

Jumbo Group Discount

Seminar Volume Discount Pricing:  28% Off Per Attendee For 10+ Attendees

Our in-house seminar business is pretty brisk, but we've spoken with a few clients who really want to put together an in-house, but don't quite have enough people to make it worthwhile.  For those folks, we've got a deep-discounted offer on public seminar seats:  seats in our two-day seminars normally cost $1099/person, but we'll offer them for $799/person.  Here's the deal:

  • We need you to agree to send a minimum of ten people to a public seminar to qualify for the lower per-seat cost.  For smaller groups the five percent discount still holds.  Please don't ask us to offer this for fewer attendees.
  • You can save on your travel costs because we let you spread these ten or more attendees over up to three sessions, so long as the sessions fall within a nine-month period.  Thus, companies with geographically dispersed work forces can get the cost benefits of an in-house seminar without having to fly their people to a central location.
  • We can only do this if it saves us administrative time and effort, so we've got to require that you pay for the ten or more attendees on a single invoice.  Also because it's a reduced rate, we've got to get a check or a PO followed by a check — the credit card company takes a big bite!
  • Example: decides to take advantage of this offer with 10 students in April 2013, and we have, say, an Understanding Windows Server 2012 seminar in Chicago in May, Dallas in June, and DC in September.  They write us a check for $7990 and send five of their folks to the Chicago public seminar, three to the Dallas seminar and two to the DC session.
  • As with all public seminar seats, these must be paid for in advance of the first class that any one of your employees will attend.  Again, we must have full payment for the ten or more attendees before any of them attend.
  • We cannot offer refunds for this reduced rate.
  • If you sign up some students via credit card and then want to switch to the jumbo group discount afterward, that's absolutely fine.  In that case we'll credit what you've already paid towards your final cost, except 5% of your credit card payments (that's what cards cost us to accept).  So for example if you'd signed up three attendees and paid $1095 x 3 = $3285 and wanted to instead go for the 10-student rate of $7990 then you'd get a credit of $3221 and would only need to send us a check for $4769.
  • Summarizing:
    • Seats go from $1095 per attendee to $799 per attendee for the two-day Server 2012 class.
    • Requires ten minimum, paid with one check.
    • Pick any three public sessions and spread the ten across those sessions.
    • Students must attend within a nine month period.
    • No refunds.
  • Numbers for the three-day 2012 class:
    • Seats go from $1560/seat to $1138 per attendees for the three-day Server 2012 class.
    • Requires ten minimum, paid with one check.
    • Pick any three public sessions and spread the ten across those sessions.
    • Students must attend within a nine month period.
    • No refunds.

We decided to offer this volume discount in the hopes that it'll help our clients who are facing the all-too-common training budget cuts.  For those who want to train a bunch of employees then an in-house seminar's still probably a better bet, as we can tailor the content, come to your site, etc., but again an in-house is too expensive for some.  We hope that this option enables more of you to attend one of our classes!

To arrange this reduced price volume discount, please contact the MR&D assistant at or call 757 426 1431 between noon and 5 PM Eastern time weekdays.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your registration up to two weeks before the class takes place for a full refund.  If you find the class unsatisfactory by noon on the first day then you may withdraw for a full refund by informing the instructor at that time and returning your class materials.

Additionally, MR&D may cancel the seminar if we do not receive a sufficient number of paid registrations; we won't do this unless it's absolutely necessary, but it is possible (and, of course, if that happens then all paid attendees get refunds).

Fine Print

Unfortunately at the prices we charge we can't afford to re-run classes due to weather issues.  As long as we're there to teach, then class runs.  If, however, a weather-related issue causes you to miss some of the class, you are welcome to attend any other session of the same class within the next calendar year.  (Please understand that we extend the privilege to the actual attendee — no substitutions allowed for the subsequent class, and the class must be the same subject as the original one was.)

Also, the rates that hotels charge for wi-fi and power are ridiculous — $2K a day for a meeting room with 15 people in it is common — and so we can't offer either.  One of these days the hotel biz will join the rest of us in the 21st Century, but it regrettably hasn't happened yet.

Where Can I Register?

You can register 24 hours a day on the Web at this link, or call our office at the above number between 12 noon and 5 PM Eastern time.  Thanks!

Who's Going To Teach This Class?

Mark Minasi, author of the best-selling books Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2, Mastering Windows 2000 Server, Mastering Windows Server 2003 and Mastering XP Professional, teaches each class — no substitutes, no second-stringers.  We believe that giving you the best learning experience possible means guaranteeing that the same person who wrote the course materials delivers those course materials.   Mark has worked with NT since its early beta days and writes two columns monthly for Windows IT Pro Magazine.  He has been called "the world's best explainer of Microsoft operating systems and networking."  A more detailed bio is here.