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A personal promise of "no mailbox clutter" from Mark Minasi:

No one hates spam more than I do; I must spend a good ten to fifteen minutes clearing the unwanted garbage out of my Inbox every morning before I can get to the interesting stuff.  I don't want mail from me to become one of those automatically deleted items in your mailbox!

I started this newsletter for one and only one reason:  to establish and maintain a connection with my readers.  With that in mind, let me state that there are only three marketing-related activities that I will ever use these names for:

  • First, I'm going to keep writing books and I hope to convince you that they're worth buying, so I'll mention new publications or other products of mine (for example, speaking engagements, seminars, videos, magazine articles, applications, perhaps a larger for-pay newsletter one day) in the e-newsletter.
  • Second, as many of you may know, I write three columns a month for Windows 2000 Magazine.  They too have electronic newsletters and I may do a joint project with them some time.
  • Third, if you leave me a comment about the books then I reserve the right to use any of those as testimonials in future books; if you don't want a comment to appear then just say so and I'll respect that.

Nobody else gets the names.  Nobody.  Never.

But hey, don't believe me.  Do what I do when I sign up for something that promises not to send my name -- use a bogus distinctive middle name, or add an extension to the phone number.  That way, when I start getting e-crap from some 'SEX! SEX! SEX! Click here!' bozo, I can go back to the liar who sold my name and excoriate him, with the middle name as proof positive.

Look at the logic of it from my point of view:  the spammeisters will pay about ten cents for your name.  So I'd make ten cents now, and lose the chance in the future to make the fifty cents or a buck that I can make later in royalties by selling you a book down the road.  I know which I'd prefer.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for signing up.


--Mark Minasi (