More Pungo Wildlife

I've been meaning to put these up for a while.  Here's a couple of 1999 shots of a racerunner lizard.  I see a few of them every year.



I've got some broken pottery in the garden, I'm told they'll use it as shelter. (And to those who get freaked out by the pictures of the snakes, relax -- these things do not bite or do anything else bad.  Well, I mean they won't bite people.)

I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think I photographed the racerunner with my old Sony Mavica.

In October 2003 I was surprised to find an anole at the beach in Duck.

I wouldn't have thought that there was enough to sustain this guy, but I've seen him -- or some other anole -- since.  Anoles (pronounced aa - nole - ay) are also called "American chameleons," as they can change color.  The anoles that I've seen are mainly either green or brown.

I got that picture with the Minolta dimage 7, a very nice camera.

A day or two after seeing the anole, I pulled the car into the carport under the house and saw a small calico/light strawberry-colored patch on the trelliswork.

I looked a bit closer and sure enough...

It was a bat.  Bats?  Right next to the ocean?  And sleeping on a trellis in broad daylight?

He got a nap and didn't return.  But heck, maybe I'll put one of those bat houses up, who knows.  I don't know what kind of bat this is, in case you're wondering.

In July 2002, a large bird just sat at the shoreline.  Literally -- just sat and didn't move much at all, for several days.  Sick perhaps?  In any case, it's a mystery:

It was about the size of a wild turkey, with a white/light gray breast and neck, black speckling elsewhere and a bluish loon-like bill.  It's not a cormorant and it's not an anhinga. I keep coming back to calling it a loon but I don't know what a loon would be doing just sitting by a saltwater body.  In early 2005, I found a virtually identical bird dead on the dune.  Anyone with a clue, please email me!

The winter of 2002 also brought a lodger -- a racoon who took up in a bunched-up tarp in a corner of a deck at Duck.  His little nest was right next to a class door so I could get some fairly close pictures, like this one.

I even braved opening the door and shooting closer:

This turned out to be a really nice picture and you can see a larger version here.  Eventually I had to shoo him away and stow the tarp.

Ah well, gotta get back to work.  More when I can... thanks for stopping by.