A Trip Through Eastern Carolina: Lake Matamuskeet and Aurora

In mid-October 2007, I took a day off to ride past one of North Carolina's great wonders and the site of what may have been the goofiest argribusiness scheme in US history. Along the way I found some great animals, plants, distinctive architecture, took a couple of ferry rides and dug for fossils at the Aurora Fossil Museum.

Outside the Aurora Fossil Museum.
The rubble pile where you can search for fossils, courtesy of the phosphate plant.
This 20 million year old whale skeleton came out of nearby South Carolina.
On the way back I discovered the old All Saints Episcopal Church Fairfield NC, not far from Lake Mattamuskeet.
You don't hardly ever SEE a tree full of great herons, y'know.  Here, they're lookin' right...
... looking' straight on (which means they can't see me well) ...
"OMIGOD... predators.  Run!!!!  I mean, fly!!!!"
"Flee, flee for your lives, you fools!"
"Oh, gosh, I guess I was wrong.  It was just one of those Jeep things.  Ah well, silly me... guess I get first crack at all of the lovely frogs in the wetlands below.  Heh heh..."  (Who knew that herons could be so Machiavellian?)
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