A Duck in Winter

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, but here in the South by the water, we donít hardly ever get one.

In 2010, however, we did get a white Christmas evening, which led to a white Boxing Day.  (Almost as good.)

The accumulation was only about three inches, but with the wind it sometimes end up a bit deeper Ė too much for my ancient no-clearance Honda Insight.  Now, itís normal for us to get a snow every year, but it doesnít usually stay very long, normally hours at most, so I rushed out to get a few pictures.

One of the oddest things about snow here on the Outer Banks is the sight of waves crashing on piles of snow.


This year, however, things stayed cold enough that the white stuff has remained for four days.

 Iíll be offering the above picture to the local chamber of commerce so they launch their ďSki Duck!Ē tourism campaign.