I feared when moving to Pungo that the large amount of wetlands around would make it a mosquito-infested place. But in this, my third summer, I'd have to say that I've seen very few mosquitos. One major contributing factor to this seems to be the veritable fleets of dragonflies that we have around here.

I never knew before exactly how many colors they came in, and how jewel-like some of them are. This page has a few shots that I've taken of them around the house.

I think these are female examples of the "Eastern Pondhawk" dragonfly, although I'm no expert.


And these are the male Eastern Pondhawks, Erythemis simplicicollis for the Latins out there. And if you've never seen one before, the gray mound in the picture below is a crayfish chimney.

Possibly the "Halloween Pennant" dragonfly.

This looks to be an Eastern Amberwing.

And yet another pennant on a branch: