Dolphins at the Outer Banks January 2008

I've lived at least part time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the past ten years. Winters are wonderful for the wildlife that they bring and I love photographing that wildlife, when I can get close enough to it and when there's enough light. One of my favorite local animals are the bottlenose dolphins, but they're tough to photograph, as it's hard to get close to them -- even if I COULD walk on water, I'd be loath to get that salt water near the camera. Besides, animal and people pictures are usually most interesting when you can see their faces, and while I see a lot of dolphins, I don't see many dolphin faces, particularly not on bright, sunny days. 30 January 2008 broke the mold, however, with light winds (fewer waves=easier to spot dolphins), an almost cloudless sky, and lots of dolphins, some of whom even did a bit of jumping.

and the finale.
... and even further, although again a nice pose (we're at 350x 350 at this point). If he'd only been closer before this jump! (Unfortunately, Adobe Lightroom is a bit dumb in that I have to set one image size for all images. I set the size to 1024 pixels, which is over twice the size of the original image. The thumbnail's probably closer to the correct size of this and the previous image.)
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