A Troubled Touhee

I was at the beach working when I heard a bird caterwauling away.  We were having a windy day and it turned out that an Eastern Touhee had gotten itself stuck against a corner of a neighbor's house, as it wasn't strong enough to fly far enough toward the wind to get out of the corner.  I'm not sure what it thought it would accomplish by all that squawking.

In any case, I picked up my Canon EOS-350D and its image stabilized 100-400 mm lens and grabbed a few snaps.   I was standing in the wind as well, so as you can see the image stabilization worked pretty well.

The yakking bird:


the original picture (about 1 MB)


Kind of a funny picture -- makes it look like it's demonically angry:


the original picture (a bit over a megabyte)

(Actually, I'd never even known that birds had red eyes.)

the original picture (about 1.2 MB)