Two deer by the beach, living in the dunes.

One of the deer looking out to sea. Click the image to see a bigger version.

Lucky shot of a seagull on the wing. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Annoyed-looking seagull. (Some jerk with a telephoto lens was creeping up on him.) Note the red eye ring -- I've never noticed that on a gull before. Click on the image for a larger one.

A little warbler or kinglet that I happened to see fly into the brambles in the dune. As it happened I had the telephoto in my hand -- I was at least 50 feet away -- and was able to track her. Notice how well she blends into the greenbrier.

A Willet in flight with a mole crab in its beak. Click to enlarge.

The moon on a crisp night:

A stormy night


An Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on a branch our eight stories below our hotel room in at the Disneyworld Hilton.

Another shot:

A Snowy Egret landing.