Any printer driver that requires you rebooting before you can use it should be viewed with suspicion.

Price / Quality / Speed....pick any two! (Thanks to Mark Stephens for reminding me of this timeless fact.)

Self-extracting files that only extract to \windows\temp or the equivalent are poorly designed, defective software.

Programs that would be particularly useful on a laptop -- mapping programs and astronomical programs are two that come to mind -- should not require a CD-ROM to run, as there are some wonderful and quite modern laptops too compact to have CD-ROMs.

It's abundantly clear that Microsoft Word will own the entire world, there's no point in arguing it. But why can't it be better at a few basic things? I regularly write outlines, three or four level outlines, and Word is basically incapable of creating a good-looking, consecutively-numbered outline without a lot of hand-fiddling. For example, try creating a few paragraphs in List Numbered. Then insert a few paras, also List Numbered, into the middle. You either won't get numbering at all, or the numbering won't make sense. If you highlight all of the paras and then re-select List Numbered, the numbering's fixed -- but that's silly. Perhaps Word needs a "recalc" button?

Why is it that despite having one of the most efficient market economies in the world, there seems to be no place in the U.S. where you can get a contractor to come out to your house and do work competently and on-time? Notice I didn't say "cheaply;" both the expensive and cheap ones seem just as tardy and slipshod. There's some kind of market failure there, some kind of opportunity for someone to provide a home repair/upgrade service where the work is done reliably, on time, and is backed by a warranty.