Mark Minasi's Expert Guide To Windows 98... Now Free!

What's This?

Back when Windows 95 came out, I taught a class on supporting Windows 95 and that course's workbook became The Expert Guide to Windows 95.  It covered most of what you'd need to know in order to keep Wintendo running as well as could be expected, given that it wasn't NT<g>.

It sold fairly well and so we figured that we'd update it for Windows 98.  We did, but realized that 98 included a bunch of new goodies, not the least of which was a lot of Web-based and scripting technologies.  So we figured we'd have to cover that... and so the 98 book was a lot bigger.

You're Giving It Away?

98's less relevant now and so the book sales have dwindled, so Sybex agreed to let me put the book on my site and give it away free.  These are PDF versions of the original book.  

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You needn't give me an e-mail address or register to download this book, but may I ask that you consider signing up for my free newsletter?  You can read a sample issue here.  It's the way that I keep my current readers up to date, pass along tips and gives them a sneak peek at updates for future books.

Read them online, download them, print them, give 'em to your friends, enjoy them.  And thanks for reading!


The Chapters

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