Special Offer: XP Support Course Book

Much of the information in the Mastering Windows XP Professional: a guide to installing, supporting, and maintaining Windows XP Professional in your Active Directory or NT-based domain for support professionals course includes information not found in Mark's other books. We know that not everyone can afford the class, so at the request of many readers of our other books we've decided to offer the manual accompanying the XP Support course separately, for US$69.95 including ground shipping to the US. (Other locations, just email us at Assistant@Minasi.com for shipping charges.)

This course manual is a printout of the PowerPoint presentation that Mark uses in his XP Support class.  The book is GBC bound, double-sided with two slides to a page for maximum screen shot readability.  It is 140 pages long and includes 279 PowerPoint slides.

The course manual follows the course outline at www.minasi.com/xpsupport.htm.  You can download or view part of the book's text at www.minasi.com/xpsample.pps, which shows a dozen PowerPoint slides from the "software restrictions" section.

Click here to buy the course manual accompanying Mark Minasi's XP Support seminar at US$69.95 as described above.  Again, that includes UPS ground shipping to any location in the US.  We can certainly ship elsewhere or via faster means; just e-mail our office (Assistant@Minasi.com) to arrange it -- sorry we've got to charge a bit more for that, but we're just passing on costs.

We hope you'll join us for the XP seminar but if you can't, then we hope that the book will teach you enough to make your job easier!