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Mastering Windows Server 2003

The complete guide to understanding, installing, managing, and troubleshooting networks using Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server.  In many ways the Fifth Edition of Mastering Windows 2000 Server, this book builds on the 2000 book and shows how to make networks built on NT 4, 2000, XP and 2003 work their best.  more info

Mastering Windows NT Server 4.0

Latest edition, released 2/00. The premier administrator's guide and handbook to networking Microsoft's NT 4.0 operating system. Plus CD.

The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide

The latest 2003 edition of the world-wide best seller.  Includes PC hardware troubleshooting video footage, on CD.

Linux, explained in NT and 2000 terms

Heard all of the hype about Linux, but can't find a book on it that doesn't assume that you already know Unix?  This book builds on your existing NT/2000/XP knowledge.  more info

 Mastering Windows XP Professional 

The Second Edition of this premier resource for anyone installing, configuring, and administering Windows XP, whether as part of a corporate network or for home or small business use. Also available at & ReadMe.Doc



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Mastering Local Area Networks

A practical systematic look at networking components.   Step-by-step coverage of critical networking tasks.

Mastering Windows 2000 Server 

The Windows 2000 Server book that sells more copies than anyone else's, outselling even Microsoft's Resource Kit, in a new Fourth Edition.

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Inside DOS 6.22

The "old standby" classic book on DOS, used by A+ and college courses everywhere.  Learn to optimize your system and take advantage of  DOS 6.22's powerful features. Disk includes utilities and programs.


The Expert Guide to Windows 98

A very popular A-to-Z guide for understanding and supporting Windows 98 (and 95 and ME, for that matter).  Now out of print, so Mark gives it away free.

The Software Conspiracy:  Why Software Firms Create Faulty Products, How They Can Harm You, And What You Can Do About It

Mark's acclaimed book on the scourge of the software industry:  quality.  Now available as an free e-book.  More info at book site.