Public Seminars:  Great Turnout, Terrific Class, Excellent Reviews!

Despite all of the preparation in the world, you never know whether a seminar will come together.  Even if the teaching is good, attendees find it a bit distracting if they're sitting next to jackhammers, can't see the screen, or are freezing to death.  So we've been extremely pleased with our public Windows 2000 seminars  Not only has the turnout been great, but we're getting the kind of feedback that we need to make future seminars even better.   Here are some of the attendee comments:

"The Mastering Windows 2-day seminar was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Mark is very knowledgeable and is that rare geek who can actually transfer his knowledge to others.  He doesn't regurgitate the MS Press info, but rather helps you 'think outside' the Microsoft box.  After two days with Mark, you're much more prepared to go back to the office and support MS products in the real world.  As an instructor, Mark is a lot of fun and is like the Energizer Bunny -- he keeps going and going!"

"Fast-paced, but keeps group interested and learning fun!"

"Greatly enjoyed it, learned more in two days than I learned from all of the Microsoft books I've bought."

"You can just never spend enough time on AD.  I really liked the emphasis on getting DNS right first!"

"Made dry topics funny and interesting.  Has the experience to tell us what works (and what doesn't)."

"I was aware of Mark's knowledge base from reading his books, but hearing him impressed me more.  I was more than pleased; blended humor, real world examples and technical knowledge masterfully."

"It was the best seminar I've ever been to."

"First seminar I've ever been to where all questions could be answered with ease -- I can't wait to go start playing with this."

"This class is not only informative but fun -- thanks Mark."

"Mark certainly knows his stuff.  He's one of the best presenters that I've seen; he never let the class 'get away' from him, and kept it interesting.  I couldn't ask for more -- I asked many questions, and he answered them all expertly.  Overall an excellent class.  I really came away feeling I had a better grasp of the capabilities of Windows 2000 and how to go about implementing them properly."

"Can't say enough -- great seminar."

"Until you've attended this seminar, you don't really know Windows 2000."

"Kept my attention for the entire two days.  Never even remotely wanted to doze off."

"A technical seminar that is actually funny at times, and it helps -- because some tech information can be very dry."

"The guy is a combination of Jerry Lewis, Jay Leno, Mr. Brain and Jerry Seinfeld."

"Excellent seminar and an outstanding presenter."

"It's refreshing to learn about Microsoft products without the 'Microsoft preaching' that so many speakers do!"

"Very good speaker!  Articulate, humorous, very good mix of humor and knowledge."

"Very entertaining, kept audience awake and aware."

"The best speaker I ever had the pleasure of listening to."

"This was one of the best seminars I've ever attended!!!"

"The information is presented at a nice pace."

"Mark's presentation is clear and concise.  He tells you things Microsoft would never own up to, including what doesn't work, which is why I prefer his books and classes over the standard Microsoft publications and seminars.  You'll also never fall asleep -- Mark is very entertaining."

"Best I've seen -- and I've seen a lot; it was great to have real world stories along with the facts.  And there was never a time that a class member couldn't ask a question." 

"It was great!"

"I really enjoyed the entire class and particularly appreciated the detailed explanations of each part of Active Directory."

"What I liked most about Mark's books was the same thing that I like about his books:  honesty.  It is really important to know what works and what doesn't."

"He knows what we're going to ask before we ask it, and has answers well-prepared."

"Mark is able to convey concepts clearly and explains things that are applicable to daily NT/2000 life.  Understood questions and answered them well; even said 'I don't know' when he didn't know!"

"Thanks for the tremendously interesting, informative and entertaining class.  I hesitated spending the money out of my pocket to drive [600+ miles] to attend [the session].  All of my concerns were alleviated by the end of the first morning.  I got my start in the computer industry as a trainer and appreciate the opportunity to watch such an outstanding technical presentation. I'm now wondering how I can attend anyone else's class and not be disappointed!  Your seamless movement between Powerpoints, demos, the flipchart, checks for comprehension, questions, humor, stories, hand gestures, voice inflections and examples is amazing.  I appreciated the way that you make practical analogies to help nail these concepts down.  You certainly have a gift for presenting technical material in a way that makes it both fun and easy to understand."

"I've always enjoyed Mark's articles in Windows 2000 Magazine and this was no different.  He has an amazing mastery of the subject."

"The best government money I've ever spent ... and I've spent a lot!"

"Magnificent.  Finally a teacher who starts with the premise that his students are skilled.  Entertaining, and he tells it like it is."

"Kept me interested the whole time!! Even until 5 PM on Friday.  Didn't know what to expect, especially as it wasn't a hands-on class.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Thanks!"

"I had hoped you presented as well as you wrote, and you did -- excellent teaching.  Answered questions 'with aplomb.'"

"Good class, but don't cover WINS or group policies -- nobody does that stuff."

"Thanks for the great class -- the group policies section was great!"