What's Going On With the Windows Server 2008 Books (and the Windows 7/R2 Books):  An Update From Mark Minasi

Hi .  If you're reading this then you're probably one of the many kind people who have bought one of my books in the past, and you're probably wondering, "where the heck are the last two volumes of the Mastering Windows Server 2008 series?"  In short, their delay is my fault and so I've asked Sybex to re-arrange things a bit.  In brief, we have trimmed the range of topics a bit, added the R2 material, and have published a new 1500-page book called Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2.  You can read more about that book here and I hope you'll decide to pick up a copy.

Other than that, I played around with the notion of a pure "delta" book wherein I tried to summarize every new feature in just a few pages, but found it unworkable and, actually, of little interest to most of my readers.  You folks want in-depth stuff and so by golly, that's what I'll keep doing.<g>

Thanks very much for your interest and I hope you'll keep reading my books.  And remember, if you'd like to see me in person, then follow my newsletter, as it's got the details about the conferences that I attend and the seminars that I run.

Remember I'm at help@minasi.con and happy to answer questions any old time.  Thanks!